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     The Pacific Northwest Book Review is headquartered in Toledo, Washington, right in the heart of the Pacific Northwest and located halfway between Seattle and Portland. Toledo has a great Internet infrastructure, great schools, excellent fishing on the Cowlitz River and hunting and other outdoor activities at nearby Mount St. Helens.

     We are humble about joining the big world of professional book reviews and we have respect for our competitors, large and small. We believe in the democracy of the Internet and think a great book deserves a great review.

     Interesting, well-written reviews help readers find books and help authors promote their work. Sometimes money changes hands when purchasing books to review or when paying our reviewers, but anyone can read our reviews online for free. We work hard to make sure no one can buy a good review for their book.

     John Morgan is the editor and publisher of the Pacific Northwest Book Review. He is also the editor and publisher of Morgan Online Media, a web publishing services company and marketing agency founded in 2011. Mr. Morgan worked for several medium-sized newspapers and trade journals for more than 10 years before starting his own online media endeavors. Morgan Online Media has published four books to date.

     Mr. Morgan has a Master’s degree in Strategic Communication from the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University, as well as a Bachelor's degree in English and a Bachelor's degree in Communication, also from WSU.

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