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     If you are a writer and avid reader who is interested in getting paid to write about something you enjoy doing, e-mail editor John Morgan at

Ground rules for book reviewers:


1. We review books written in the Pacific Northwest, published in the Pacific Northwest or books about the great Pacific Northwest. This includes e-books.


2. All book reviewers should aim to avoid potential conflicts of interest, such as reviewing a book written by a close friend or family member. Authors may not review their own books.


3. All reviews must be original work and not previously published in print or online.


4. Book reviews should be intelligent and well-written, about 500 words, and be free of spelling and grammatical errors.


5. If a review is accepted and published, reviewers will receive payment of $30 per review, plus reimbursement for the book reviewed if reviewer includes a copy of the receipt.


6. Published book reviews are the intellectual property and copyright of the Pacific Northwest Book Review and Morgan Online Media LLC and are not for sale. Reviews may be included in a printed collection at some future point.

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