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"Battle Ready: The National Coast Defense System and the Fortification of Puget Sound, 1894-1925"

By David M. Hansen

     Before airplanes, the cold war and the space race changed warfare forever, coastal cities were most vulnerable to attack from the sea.

     “Battle Ready” traces the development of the Puget Sound fortifications and documents the almost continuous upgrades to the fortifications in the years leading up to World War I.


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"The Ocean in My Ears"

By Meagan Macvie

     A teenager yearns to escape her mundane life and sleepy hometown in Alaska for the excitement that surely awaits her in a bigger city or a college town in the lower forty-eight states in this debut young-adult novel by Pacific Northwest author Meagan Macvie.

     Graduation can’t come soon enough for a teen who’s ready to be an adult, but the harder Meri tries to plan her escape from the place she’s known her whole life, the troubles of adulthood, family and responsibility start to force their way into her life and threaten to derail her plans.


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Treknology: The Science of Star Trek from Tricorders to Warp Drive

By Ethan Siegel, PhD

     Technology has taken huge leaps in the more than 50 years since the original Star Trek television series debuted and today we can find once-futuristic devices like automatic sliding doors, wireless tablet computers and voice recognition technology all around us.

     “Treknology” dives into the real science behind the history of the fictional, future technologies of the Star Trek universe/franchise  and how many of these futuristic ideas have become reality.


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"Utopias on Puget Sound, 1885-1915"

By Charles Pierce LeWarne

      The utopian socialists who settled in western Washington at the turn of the 20th Century cared little for money, politics or the class struggles of the world outside their communities. They saw an opportunity for a prosperous new life on their own terms.

      “Utopias on Puget Sound, 1885-1915” is passionately researched and puts history in context with detailed stories from letters, records and newspaper accounts about life at the time, and profiles on colorful characters and charismatic leaders.


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