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     Kids ask a lot of questions. Sooner or later they will hear about monsters and will want to know more. Brothers Derek and Kyle Sullivan created the children's book Monster ABC for this purpose.

     While some adults tell scary stories to children in order to scare them into being good, the Sullivans seek to introduce monsters to young readers as silly and fun, not something to be afraid of.

     Most of the 26 international creatures in Monster ABC will be well known to parents and grandparents reading to their favorite five-year-old, but they have probably never seen them portrayed so playfully and with cartoonish innocence.

     Monsters might make some parents uncomfortable, but they are only as scary as you make them. When I was reading this colorful board book to my own child, I explained that all of these monsters are not real and exist only in old stories told to explain mysterious sounds in the forest at night or mysteries related to death.

     Monster ABC is the first book published by Hazy Dell Press and the artwork is also available as 6” x 6” color prints, T-shirts, posters and coloring pages. Their second book, Goodnight Krampus, debuts in November 2016.


Reviewed by John Morgan, 10/18/2016

Monster ABC

"Monster ABC"

By Derek Sullivan and Kyle Sullivan


Publisher: Hazy Dell Press (2015) Seattle, Portland


ISBN: 9780996578707

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