Pacific Northwest Book Review

     We are always on the lookout for new and interesting books about the Pacific Northwest. While we endeavor to purchase or borrow most of the books we review, we will also consider reviewing unsolicited submissions that meet our guidelines.

Guidelines for unsolicited books:


1. We review books written in the Pacific Northwest, published in the Pacific Northwest or books about the great Pacific Northwest. This includes e-books.


2. Authors or publishers submitting books for consideration should include a cover letter and a hardcover or paperback copy of the book to be reviewed. E-books should include a free link or promotional code.


3. All unsolicited book submissions will become the property of the Pacific Northwest Book Review unless a return is requested. If authors or publishers want their books returned within six months, they must indicate this in their cover letter with a return address and submit a shipping and handling fee of $10 per title.


4. We cannot guarantee every book will receive a favorable review by us or any review at all, but we will promise to return books if they include a note and an extra $10 for shipping and handling as outlined in guideline No. 3.


5. All book submissions must be complete, published works available for sale in the Pacific Northwest in paperback, hard cover or as an e-book. Self-published books are fine, but we will not consider unfinished manuscripts.

Please mail books and make payment to:


Pacific Northwest Book Review

P.O. Box 550

Toledo, WA 98591


Sample cover letter

“Dear Editor,

Please consider (title of book), which I have enclosed, for review in the Pacific Northwest Book Review.

(Short description of plot and characters.)

(Short description of author with website, social media and contact information.)

I have enclosed a shipping and handling fee of $10, made out to the Pacific Northwest Book Review. I understand this fee does not guarantee a favorable review, but it does guarantee I will have my book returned within six months to the address below.

Thank you for your consideration,

(Your name)

(Affiliation with book, i.e. author, publicist)

(Return address)”

Contact the Pacific Northwest Book Review by e-mail at or by mail at P.O. Box 550, Toledo, WA 98591.

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